The Frontline Binjiang Property Staff Took the Second Key Step After Putting Out the Flaming Lithium Battery
Publisher: Release time:2024-06-21
Recently, a fire incident occurred in Hangzhou Yupinwan, caused by a self-igniting lithium battery newly purchased by a proprietor. After putting out the fire with fire, the frontline Binjiang Property swiftly took a crucial second step, effectively preventing the lithium battery from reigniting and causing further damage.

At 11:03 that day, Wang Hongwei, an order team member of Hangzhou Yupinwan on duty at the west entrance, suddenly heard a proprietor shouting for help, crying that his new lithium battery had caught fire on the road. Without any delay, Wang Hongwei reported the incident to the order foreman Sun Mingming.

The emergency plan was initiated quickly. Shi Qingyang, a patrol member in the west area, arrived at the scene first. He tried to put out the fire with an extinguisher but failed. Soon, a team organized by the project director Jiang Chenglong and the order director Liu Gang in the first place arrived. Jiang Chenglong instructed the team members to quickly connect the fire hose to the hydrant and aim it at the flaming battery. The site was also then isolated.

After putting out the fire with water, to prevent the battery from reigniting, the order team members wearing fire gloves put the lithium battery into an iron bucket filled with water, causing splashes immediately. In about 30 minutes, after the lithium battery finally stopped smoking and the water surface returned to calm, the order team member confirmed that the lithium battery posed no risk of reignition and cleaned up the site.

After all the thrills, the proprietor was very grateful for Binjiang Property’s professional help and said, “The quick response of Binjiang Property’s team safeguarded my property and protected me from suffering further losses.” The order foreman Sun Mingming who participated in this fire incident handling said, “We must remain calm in the face of emergencies and ensure that the handling of the scene is conducted in an orderly and precise manner.”

The property service center of Yupinwan stated that fire safety is a vital issue for everyone and that this fire incident was also a test of Yupinwan’s fire emergency plan. The property management staff must put the safety in the residential quarter on top, keep enhancing fire drills and skill training, and always be vigilant, calm, and responsible to ensure a secure and comfortable living environment for proprietors.

The second proprietor committee of Yupinwan admires the professionalism, quick response, and high sense of responsibility demonstrated by the property management team of Yupinwan and acknowledges that the exceptional performance of the property management team not only provided timely and high-quality safety assurance for the residential quarter but also fully reflected the outstanding capabilities of the team.
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