Love Knows No Barriers. Have the Frontline Binjiang Property Staff Warmed Your Heart?
Publisher: Release time:2024-06-21
Property services permeate every trivial yet indispensable detail of daily life. In such ordinary days, what we can see is the real life of people, the mundane worldly pleasures, and the rich fragments of life. There, we can find warm moments of mutual assistance and loving stories of long-term paired support. The kindness and services of the frontline Binjiang Property staff shine like pearls, illuminating the daily life and clearing all barriers for proprietors.

Pinghu Binjiang Jinhuyuan

An Elderly Man Suddenly Collapsed in the Elevator…

Recently, at Binjiang Jinhuyuan in Pinghu, a Binjiang Property security monitor on duty noticed that an elderly man collapsed from exhaustion in the elevator of Building 17. Upon receiving the report, Su Hu, the order team leader, and Tao Haijun promptly arrived to assist the elderly man. Unable to contact the elderly man’s family immediately, they drove the elderly man back to his home more than twenty kilometers away.

Yuyao Mingxianfu Prophase
He Helped Up a Fallen Passerby in the Heavy Rain

One day at around 19:30, Fan Jiabin, an order team member of the service center of Yuyao Mingxianfu Prophase, stood guard at the image post as usual. Suddenly, the rain started to pour down, and he noticed that a lady, Ms. Li, who was riding an electric scooter, fell about 20 meters from his post. He immediately ran to Ms. Li to check on her, asking if she could stand up. Seeing that Ms. Li was pinned under the electric scooter, he first lifted the scooter and then helped Ms. Li to her feet. Noticing her pained expression and slow movements, with her consent, Fan Jiabin carried Ms. Li under the eave and then pushed the electric scooter there as well.

Fan Jiabin asked if Ms. Li wanted him to send her to the hospital and was told that her family was nearby. After contacting Ms. Li’s family, she was taken to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a severe fracture due to the fall. After recuperating for a month and being able to walk normally, Ms. Li immediately sent a silk banner to the sales office to express her gratitude to Fan Jiabin for being “Kind and Helpful”.

Quzhou Chunjiangyue

100-meter Escort Every Morning and Evening

In May, Ms. Jiang, a proprietor of Quzhou Chunjiangyue, accidentally fell while collecting clothes on her balcony and injured her hand, following which she was then hit by an electrical scooter, resulting in a fracture of her right foot. As a pet shop owner, Ms. Jiang needed to go to her pet shop every day, but her family members left for work early and could not assist her. This series of unfortunate events left Mr. Jiang with the challenge of figuring out how to commute.

After learning the worries of Ms. Jiang, the steward Xiaochun and the evening shift of the order team voluntarily shouldered the task of escorting Ms. Jiang to and from work. Starting from May 6th, whenever Ms. Jiang needed to go out, Xiaochun would promptly bring the wheelchair from the service center to Ms. Jiang’s doorstep, carefully assist Ms. Jiang into the wheelchair, push Ms. Jiang to the taxi pickup point at the main entrance, and help Ms. Jiang get into the tax. The evening shift order team members were responsible for picking up Ms. Jiang at the main entrance and sending her home.

From May to June, the considerate 100-meter escort lasting for more than one month has warmed the hearts of Ms. Jiang and her family members.

Hangzhou Jiangnanyufu

Pick Up and Send the Child Home

Ran Pengyan is the steward of Building 2 in Hangzhou Jiangnanyufu, whose sincere smiles and services and timely help always make proprietors feel as if bathed in the spring breeze. To express her gratitude to Binjiang Property and Ran, Ms. Wang wrote them a thank-you letter in June.

In the letter, Ms. Wang said, “There was a time when I was too busy to pick up my daughter at the primary school and asked Ran for help. She was very willing to help and brought my daughter home safely. Another time, Ran again helped me pick up my daughter after school. At that time, my daughter was bringing home a rabbit that her school asked her to take care of temporarily, along with a large cage. Ran saw the rabbit and the cage and immediately went back and borrowed a handcart from the service center to send both my child and the rabbit and the cage back to my home.”

Property management services such as picking up and sending children home, assisting proprietors to move, and helping proprietors with repairs go deep into the minor yet indispensable aspects of daily life, allowing proprietors to experience the beauty of life amidst trivial things.
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