A Competition in Pinghu Enhanced the Strength of the Micro Fire Station of the Residential Quarter
Publisher: Release time:2024-06-27


June this year is the 23rd National "Work Safety Month". In line with the theme of “Everyone Values Work Safety, All Know Emergency Response – Keeping Lifelines Clear", to enhance the safety awareness and skills of enterprise employees, the 20th Pinghu Employees’ Vocational Skills Competition Fire Rescue Team (Micro Fire Station) Competition was held in Nonwoven Innovation an Entrepreneurship Industrial Park in Caoqiao Subdistrict on the morning of June 17th.

Binjiang Property’s team appeared in the competition, representing Danghu Subdistrict. There, all team members took turns to compete and surpass each other. From individual fire extinguisher operation to dual three-hose target shooting, the team members fully showcased their solid professional skills, close teamwork, and positive spirit cultivated through daily training.

In the end, Binjiang Property’s team won third place in the team competition, and Xu Tianyang from Binjiang Property secured second position in the individual fire extinguisher operation event.

This competition has not only examined the firefighting skills, teamwork, and bravery of Binjiang Property’s team members but also enhanced the quick response and mutual coordination and cooperation of the residential quarter’s micro fire station in the face of fire emergencies, laying a solid foundation for creating a “safe residential quarter”.

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