“Rescue Fire Hazards Immediately for Safety” Showing the Warmthand Speed of Hangzhou City
Publisher: Release time:2024-03-28

In March, Secretary Shao and Station Manager Xie from Hangzhou Myriad Star Community presented a silk banner to Shen Guorong, the Executive Chairman of Binjiang Property at the office of Binjiang Head Office. The silk banner depicts “Rescue Fire Hazards Immediately for Safety”, demonstrating the high recognition and gratitude of Myriad Star Community for the frontline property staff of Binjiang Property Company for their swift rescue against emergencies. 

Secretary Shao (R2) and Station Manager Xie (R1) from Hangzhou Myriad Star Community presented a silk banner to Shen Guorong (L2), the Executive Chairman of Binjiang Property and Manager Song (L1), Binjiang Property • North Zhejiang Regional Company

At about 10: 30 of a few days ago, a take-away deliveryman reported to the on-duty guard of Phase II Myriad Star Community that smoke appeared on the pavement at the gate of Xingxiang Bookstore, which is not far away from the community. Upon receiving the report of fire disaster, Li Yang, the Foreman of the door guarding team reported to the Order Supervisor Ling Zhaohua immediately and directly rushed to the site with two fire extinguishers. Ling Zhaohua offered guidance via phone on the one hand, and contacted Sun Fuyong, the Order Supervisor of Phase I Myriad Star Community and Hua Xiaochun, the Order Foreman of Phase III Myriad Star Community, both of whom also rushed to the site for assistance.

Upon arriving on site, the Order Foreman Li Yang found that the fire was caused by the re-burning of fireworks discharged. The fire spread so quickly that it could not be put out by one person. Sun Fuyong and Hua Xiaochun also arrived at the site soon. Sun made command on site, dispersed the mass, mobilized the mini firefighting truck, and organized the property staff to put out the fire source together, finally eradicating a very serious fire accident.

No casualties and property loss were caused by the fire accident, which was disposed and contained in time. The favorable outcome cannot be separated from the deliveryman’s timely discovery and reporting, and the frontline staff of Binjiang Property who gathered all workers possible upon receiving the report. The incident reflects the quick response and wholehearted service attitude of the whole Hangzhou City.

Representative of Order Team of Myriad Star Property

“We apply the firefighting knowledge and skills learnt in routine training to the disposal of emergencies. The order is clear and action is proper. Our holy mission is to safeguard the owners’ life and property safety.”, said Ling Zhaohua, the Order Supervisor of Phase II Myriad Star Community.

The regular firefighting training and drill of Binjiang Property played a crucial role in coping with the emergency. Furthermore, the property company’s firefighting drill should cover more people and groups to improve the public firefighting awareness and skills.

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