Greetings and Gratitude from a Binjiang Property Fan of Tianmushan Town
Publisher: Release time:2024-03-22

Located in Lin’an District, Hangzhou, Tianmu Mountains are known as the “Kingdom of Giant Trees” and “World of Coolness” for their lush peaks, strange rocks, and waterfall cascades. Binjiang Tianmushan Town, adjacent to west Tianmu Mountains scenic area, is designed to be a pleasant, livable, and tourist-friendly town taking advantage of the exceptional geographical, ecological, and cultural and historical environment and integrating with beautiful rural areas.

In March, Binjiang Property received greetings and gratitude from Mr. Zhou, an elderly proprietor of Tianmushan Town. Later, on March 18th, Mr. Zhou specially sent a silk banner that read “Excellent Steward for Proprietors, Valuable Helper for Developer” to Zhang Shun, the property management director of Tianmushan Town.

By coincidence, Mr. Zhou settled on a house in Tianmushan Town which is one hour’s drive from his current residence while fishing nearby. He longed to live in such a beautiful place with green mountains and clear waters, but at the same time, he also felt anxious.

However, what he saw and heard during repeated communications and inspections gave him confidence in the service quality of Binjiang Property.

Since signing the purchase contract last year, the property management staff have diligently handled every matter from house acceptance, maintenance, to decoration. They responded to every question and made sure everything was properly addressed. Mr. Zhou believes that it is a result of effective property management training.

Proprietors didn’t have much hope when Mr. Zhou reported issues that they were concerned about to Binjiang Property’s service center in Tianmushan Town. Unexpectedly, the property management director Zhang spent her day off sorting out proprietors’ demands and communicating and coordinating with various organs one by one, and replied to proprietors the next day. On the same day, she also took the opportunity of International Women’s Day and planned the Daming Mountain skiing event as the first team-building activity for proprietors. The proprietors were very touched by the dedication of the property management staff, while the property management staff themselves considered it an expected service.

Recently, Mr. Zhou invited a few neighbors to see the houses being renovated in Tianmushan Town together. Director Zhang accompanied the team throughout, carefully recording relevant problems and explaining and answering everyone’s questions. It is admirable for director Zhang to make Mr. Zhou, a professional engineering project manager, attentively listen to her analysis. She even pointed out some details in the renovation that others had not noticed. She impressed everyone with her humbleness, meticulousness, and professionalism.

After this trip, these proprietors were truly convinced by director Zhang and believed her when she said, “You don’t need to worry about anything in Hangzhou. We’ll have our stewards keep an eye on every link for you. If you have any questions, ask them to do for you. You have our word that we’ll take good care of your houses.”

Although Mr. Zhou no longer doubted the professionalism of the property management team, he still worried that the property management team might lack long-term planning in areas that are of concern to proprietors, such as healthcare, dining, attentive service, and permanent residence, thus impairing proprietors’ living experience. However, these worries were also eliminated one by one after he learned about the property management team’s advanced planning.

Tianmushan Town is designed as a tourist-friendly resort real estate. To offer an immersive living experience to proprietors, Binjiang Property staff investigated many other projects to take the best from them, attempting to create a green, vital, and warm home for proprietors. “We have visited and investigated many projects. By assimilating their quintessence, we will gradually introduce innovative and special town services to enrich the community culture and proprietors’ town life,” said property management director Zhang Shun.

In terms of community activities, the property management team will fully leverage the natural environment of Lin’an, extending the activity locations from Tianmushan Town to the entire Lin’an area and exploring Lin’an specialties. Proprietors will savor the green, appreciate the green, and play the green, enjoying health and fun at the same time in the embrace of nature.

Though the town is relatively remote, the construction of cultural life has long been laid out. The property management team has promptly reached collaboration with the local adult school to offer N+1 entertainment classes to satisfy proprietors’ growing demand for cultural and artistic learning and exchange.

To provide a worry-free living experience for proprietors, the property management team will offer housekeeping care for proprietors of different ages before they return home, such as opening doors and windows, airing quilts, equipment commissioning, etc.

In response to the trend of home-based elderly care, the property management team will conduct the morning and bedtime greeting routine for elderly proprietors and pay close attention to the daily life of the elderly. The health and happiness of the elderly are the foundation for creating a friendly, healthy, and happy town community.

By now, proprietors have received blessings from Tianmushan Town on every festival. The homemade rice cakes as well as the qingtuan to be made soon all carry the care and love of Tianmushan Town.

Health is an invaluable treasure. Here in picturesque Tianmushan Town, Mr. Zhou as an old friend of Binjiang Property experiences the home-like service offered by Binjiang Property in this new project.

Shouldering the trust of proprietors, Binjiang Property will put itself in the shoes of proprietors and is committed to riding the wind and waves and sailing the ship of service towards the harbor of a happy life.

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